Wade Wilson's War [spoilers]

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Ok so, I finally got around to reading Wade Wilson's War and at first I loved it, felt it was classic deadpool. Then it got kinda iffy, and then the ending cemented it in my just don't like pile. I mean it was all a dream and the two of them are drooling mental patients? I don't want that from my deadpool comics. It's just to depressing seeing my two fav marvel characters like that...

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Title should read "MASSIVE Spoilers".

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#3 Posted by MorganaV (76 posts) - - Show Bio

Um.. Sorry?? I figured spoilers are spoilers.

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@MorganaV said:

" I don't want that from my deadpool comics. It's just to depressing seeing my two fav marvel characters like that... "

Deadpool is one of the most depressing comic book characters Marvel has ever made and I don't say that as a joke. 
Here's a character whose childhood was total crap, he became a mercenary and fell in love with a girl. Then he got cancer and left his girlfriend because he was dieing and wanted her to move on without him in life. Then he was experimented on in hopes of curing his cancer and became a failed experiment, he was sent to the junkyard of all Weapon X experiments and was tortured and experimented on every day by a mad scientist. He was so close to dieing that he met Death herself and fell in love with her, and she fell in love with him. But then Thanos comes along and bans him from ever dieing just so he can't be with Death. Now he's unable to ever be with his true love ever again. 
As for the first girl he fell in love with....well she and him met again down the road only for her to die in his arms. 
None of this sounds depressing?
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@The Lobster : Just to add some depression ontop of all that...Silence is his biggest depressor. His quiet time is where his depression really gets to him..his jokes his constant babbling... without that he's a very sad panda. Every girl he could find "love"(used loosely) either dies, or he gets pulled away from because of a higher calling. The man wade wilson is not allowed to be alive, he's merely a sock puppet...(did you all see the one where he had a socket puppet and was doing voices for him while slaying a room full of people? For some reason the daredevil/deadpool arc was where that happen) 
Wade wilson's war was a sleeper for me with Deadpool. It lacked a lot of deadpool elements. It had a feel of old captain american comics..where they were just snooz-fest.
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Can someone write wade wilsons war on the deadpool page?

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This reminded me of the movie Sucker Punch. It was so bizarre I couldn't help but like it.
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He is a very depressing character.

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I have this story and at first i felt the same. I just kind of re-read the ending in total disbelief of how shitty a ending they came up with. But then it set in and i realized that's almost a perfect ending because that's what Deadpool's all about. He's friggin nuts, dude. 
(side note: just read Deadpool Pulp and it's pretty awesome. Thumbs up)

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