DEADPOOL - The Webseries (Episode I)

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I just grew a phantom *** specifically so that I could get hard for this.

Deadpool, Typhoid Mary, Domino... decent budget. Haven't been this excited since Batgirl: Spoiled.

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I enjoyed that far, far more than I thought I would. Far. More.

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Its awesome 

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@Joygirl said:


I just grew a phantom *** specifically so that I could get hard for this.

Deadpool, Typhoid Mary, Domino... decent budget. Haven't been this excited since Batgirl: Spoiled.

Well is better if we take the fact Chris has a smaller budget that those guys.

And a smaller crew too.

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Awesomeness! love it!

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Now this is the definition of awesome.

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My name ia Damian Vargas & I play the physical character of Deadpool in Chris R. Notarile's "Deadpool: The Webseries" I am wrting cuase we desperately need immediate help!

I am writing in hopes we can get just smidge of support from fellow geeks, cosplayers & nerds. I work for an indie/fanfilm director here in the Northeast called Blinky Productions run my Chris R. Notarile.

We started a fan film project a little over a month ago called Deadpool: The Webseries. We are doing this all on our own, making no profit. Our debut episode was a HUGE success on Youtube that IMDB picked us up & we have a profile. Episode 2 was even bigger nearly hitting 4000 hits in 2 days. Debuting at #2 on IMDB's list of top series (out of 598) & the next day hit #1. We got a lot of press & fan fare. Not just from fanboys, but regular non-comic book reading adults who never heard of the character & said they would be running out to get books and merchandise cause of what we did.

Well yesterday Marvel pulled the series & 14 other films Chris did. Mind you all other fanfilms related to Deadpool still stand. So basiclly he was singled out. Either by a fellow indie director upset of the fast attention & rise Blinky Productions got or by Marvel themselves.

I am writing pleading for your support by kindly signing the online petition that was created by a fan of the series work without any influence from anyone associated within Blinky Productions or Chris himself.

I am literally asking your help for an independent film artist chasing a dream while entertainf fans & creating a new audience.

Marvel has removing us has caused quite a stir with our fans we fastly gained. As I mentioned the Deadpool WebSeries from youtube along with all other Marvel fan films from Blinky Productions youtube channel. I need your help as does Chris R. Notarile.

They want to see the numbers and demands from the Webseries, and I know the we have them. Though this is regarding the Deadpool Web Series, this is more about fan films. They are made without profit & without personal gain for the simple love of a product or character.

So if you can, please sign the petition. It is to be forwarded to Marvel along with everything else that we have. And if you can, please share the link with anyone you can.

Thank you so much.

We also have an official group on Facebook & welcome you all to join.!/groups/BlinkyDeadpoolWebSeries/

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signed.. even though I never got to see it

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DC help the Joker Blogs guys, Marvel screw a guy that was making fan film, worst since his Dardevil one are better that the Daredevil movie and The Punisher series was better that his Punisher movies.

WB see a guy that made an amazing fan film about Mortal Kombat and hired the guy.

Worst since they let many guys keep their Deadpool videos.

Screw Disney and his anti Fan Film ideas.

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