Deadpool Must-Reads.

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#1 Posted by Deadnigma (8 posts) - - Show Bio

I have recently got into comics and I really enjoy reading comics with the character Deadpool in them. I have and am currently reading Deadpool The Musical 49.1 and the first three parts of Dead ( 50, 51, 52), I plan on finish reading the other two parts soon. I've also read one of the issues of Deadpool Merc With A Mouth and quite liked it. I would just like to know from you guys about which Deadpool comics/series you recommend (similar to maybe Daniel Way's style, I've quite enjoyed his comics) and which Deadpool comics you think are a no-go for a newbie like me? Much appreciated :)

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#2 Posted by Liara (433 posts) - - Show Bio

I would recommend to read Joe Kellys run on him! it's really hilarious.

Also you really should try the Cable & Deadpool comics.

Currently I'm enjoying him in Uncanny X-Force.

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#3 Posted by ReVamp (23015 posts) - - Show Bio

Joe Kelly and C&D obviously.

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#4 Posted by Romulus9000 (392 posts) - - Show Bio

Read Gail Simone's run, I have every issue NM signed by her it was a great find, i also found out that those issues are of the more rare deadpool comics. But if you can find them ( through download or otherwise ) you should read them.

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Ah okay guys, I will keep an eye out for them. Thank you :D I have to say that the current Deadpool series by Daniel Way is very good, but that's just me.

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#6 Posted by The Lobster (1740 posts) - - Show Bio

Read Joe Kelly's stuff. THAT is how Deadpool is supposed to be written. 

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#7 Posted by rogue_mar1e (20180 posts) - - Show Bio

Deadpool Classic and Deadpool Team Up.

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#8 Posted by EpicAssassin90 (57 posts) - - Show Bio

The joe Kelly run and suicide kings

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#9 Posted by Deadnigma (8 posts) - - Show Bio

Ah alright, will do. Thanks guys. What's your verdict on Daniel Way's depiction and series of Deadpool?

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#10 Posted by SlamAdams (346 posts) - - Show Bio

@deadnigma: Daniel Way was meh! Not all bad but a few stinkers. I think he was the first one to use 2 narrators which I didn't like.

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