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Deadpool kills Deadpool #1 came out this week and it looks like Deadpool's murderous campaign against the multiverse finally spills into Earth-616, the home of our beloved "original" Deadpool! It's the war of the Deadpools! If that sounds awesome to you, that's probably because it is.


The art is great and reminds me of the art style from the Deadpool and Cable series and the cover art is great as well as you can see up above. The action is solid and the humor is giggle inducing. To make it better, our favorite marvel corps makes it appearance, courtesy of the majestic Bea Arthur! On a more serious tone, the story looks like it has alot of potential and if it is handled right, will keep satisfying you and me just as Issue #1 did.


Not too crazy about the evil deadpool(s) costume redesign and those ba**tards killed the dog!


Pick up this ish, looks like there's a great ride ahead.

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I don't think that was the Evil Deadpool we know of, but an evil Deadpool from elsewhere.The costume of Evil Deadpool appears in some of the alternate covers and in future solicitations and previews.

My guess is that Dreadpool (The Deadpool from Kills the Marvel Universe, and Killustrated) is bringing together a team of Evil Deadpool's to destroy all of existence. An Anti-Deadpool corps in you will. Although I'm also willing to bet he screws them all over to further his end goals and the Deadpool we all know and love will rise to the occasion to stop him.

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Hey I what series did the Golden Age Deadpool come from? I got what I thought was all the side series from deadpool going back to Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth. (Except for Deadpool: Max). I also thought it was cool that Deadpool: Pulp was in it, that series was amazing.

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Sweet, I was kind of wondering about this series. Maybe I'll grab it.

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