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Click here to check out my analytic review of DEADPOOL #5, Storyline: "Dead Presidents".

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Deadpool, Jedi of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Good

I love how Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan shapes Deadpool into the 'Merc of the Mouth' he's known to be and elaborates on his priceless one-liners, as well as his brutal warfare tactics - believing this issue compliments such traits in the most precise manner possible. From the very beginning to the end you'll see almost in every panel his comedic, yet serious attitude being depicted as he's assigned by Agent Preston of S.H.I.E.L.D. to (re)kill all the undead Presidents risen by a naive necromancer named Michael. Posehn and Duggan also touch up on the other emotions Deadpool possesses besides his class-act and dedication, depicting a more compassionate, humane character of his when he faces a complete cliffhanger at the end of the issue which will definitely heat things up - not only for the next issue, but the entire series as a whole. The story mostly takes place up in space around Earth orbit and in the CCCP Space Station (at the time was a S.H.I.E.L.D. space carrier base) giving us a different environmental setting than the scenes on Earth where used to imagining to expand on the Deadpool Mythos.

Really find that penciler, Tony Moore to one of the most talented artists in modern-age comics, having proved us right when sketching for this series. Specifically, while flipping through the panels and seeing the outstanding artwork with intense emotion depicted, everything seems to be drawn out perfectly. From Deadpool's expressions to the brutal blood bath during the fight scenes, I believe Moore and leading colorists Val Staples do a great job implying such crucial effects to make the panels that much more sharp and intense. Staples is such a great asset to Tony Moore's penciling and believe he compliments his work very well with his colorful touch ups. Such talents like these two, in my eyes are the greatest collaboration of artists in the Marvel NOW! relaunch as of right now. With the two most funniest writers in the industry helping the 'Crimson Comedian' make a name as one of the greatest (and/or funniest) in comic history, the series couldn't have any better cast than the one behind DEADPOOL.

The Bad

I might be kind of critical in this argument, being a Deadpool Fan, but anyone else think Posehn and Duggan are kind of making Deadpool more of a comedic mutant with a costume, rather than the Merc he's depicted to be? I mean, I acknowledge that Deadpool is a funny dude who loves to fight, but he's known to be a very skilled mercenary, rather than just a walking punch line. With all the fighting scenes we seen so far, it's hard to say that Deadpool is a skilled combatant having him been tossed around my undead Presidents with no training - besides Reagan, who apparently learned Chinese boxing during his return to the living. It would put a smile on my face if he'd start winning fights off of his skilled expertise, rather than his intellectual mind and sheer luck; and not get his guts sliced open in every issue!

The Verdict

As the story arc comes to a conclusion, having this issue lead directly to the finale of the 'Dead Presidents', you'd think Deadpool would've destroyed all the undead Presidents of America by now; but it's not that easy, especially after seeing what happens in this issue. I'm having fun reading Posehn & Duggan's Deadpool, but really want to see more of a serious and experienced character of Deadpool. If you haven't pick up on the series yet, it's five issues into the first story arc and definitely a recommended title on following. 4.5/stars, really want to see more of a skilled mercenary, rather than a comedic masked dude.

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