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Good throw away issue

Every now and then there is an issue in a book that basically changes nothing. This is one of those books. Nothing happens in the 616 universe. Deadpool and "Headpool" basically travel through several universes and see Deadpool counterparts of those universes.
Some of the other universes are drastically changed... but let's face it... who cares?
I have a few grievances with this issue.
First and foremost, Major Wade is lame. Why would he have the costume if is the way he is

Second, why is Lady Deadpool a blonde? Should she not have brown hair too (like Deadpool)? Though, I may be biased being in love with Tallest Silver ha ha ha.
I liked the character design of The Deadpool Kid so I was a little upset with that universe's resolution.
This issue's change in art when the universes changed was cool but it also didn't make sense. Why would Deadpool and Headpool change too? Oh well.

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