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A bit weak...

I enjoyed issues 1 & 2 of this new series but issue 3 felt a little.... rushed. It didn't grip me like the first too and just seemed flat and dull. I hope the whole series doesn't go this way and blaze through to the end. It may sound strange but I'd like to see more of the actual killing, I understand there are a ton of people for Deadpool to work through so skipping through is the only way but I feel a little bit more time could have been spent on this.

The scene with Wolverine was good as was the events with Professor X but it wasn't enough for me to stop feeling a little let down, I had high hopes that this was going to be a killer story and the first two issues perked my interest but I think it's a massive drop in qaulity in #3.

I will stick with it and I can only hope that #4 is better and by the looks of things it should be what with the punisher being targeted. Overall a little weak for my liking and a hope that a bit more attention to detail and story are added, I have read worse though.

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