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So we're back to the first story- Deadpool is trying to get his money back from Norman Osborne. I like the fact that this story is back, I didn't understand why we left it at first place for some not related story. The zombie story was actually nice. I didn't like the Tiger Shark Story so much. But anyway I think this story end has some potential for a good plot.

Also Thunderbolts are here, which is cool, because I just started reading the new Thunderbolts comics. I don't know much about the old team, but it has a potential for a good fight, which we started to see in this issue.

Deadpool have some of this dellusions, which is always funny because the art is cute, and it just really fits Deadpool's character.

The last page's art is just cool. Also in the cover.

On the other hand- not much story this issue. Just some running and fighting (not saying it's bad)

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