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This guy ... he's unf*cking belivable.

Issue 28 of the in-continuity Deadpool series. 
The Story:We start with the Secret Avengers almost going into a warehouse were they will get a bomb from some terrorists but Deadpool blows up the warehouse with the bomb but Steve isn't pleased but gets a call and somebody tells him he's the Super-Soldier.Steve kicks DP off the team and gets punched in the face by Steve.Back in some underground HQ we learn that these Secret AVengers are really clones made by Doctor Bong and need DP to perfect them and we see out side of the base the real Secret Avengers are going in to bring this operation down and Dp runs into the real Steve Rogers and they have really bloody match.So the fake runs outside and gets shot by Black Widow.While Steve and DP keep fighting,Doctor Bong explains that the reason DP is like this is because he's more scared of living than dying and he also hates his friends than himself.Also that DP isn't really that big of a psychopath but Moon Knight is and he eradicates the Moon Knight and Black Widow clones and the whole building. 
The Good:Well I liked that Way wrote that DP isn't as crazy when you compare him to somebody like Moon Knight and after reading Moon Knight: Rock Bottom he is indeed next to bonckers.Also I don't know who Doctor Bong is but apparently he appeared in Howard the Duck and twice in DP's first volume but he was really funny is in this issue.As always Carlo Barberi's art was spot on,especially for the fight. 
The Bad:I still don't like the art for Steve,Moon Knight and Black Widow.Also DP's caption boxes were kinda confusing and annoying in some case's.Also I think that they should have put sone sort of warning for the fight since it is really bloody even if this book is marked "Parental Advisory".And we don't really get a reason why Doctor Bong is making these clones but hopefully we are going to get the answer next month. 
The Verdict:This issue give's us some laughs but we especially gets some major violence.As I said this series is getting better but it just isn't there yet.This is a buy.

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