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As a massive fan of Deadpool and in paticular, Daniel Way's writing of him, this is the one Marvel book ive been dreading the most. Its not that i doubt the ability of the writers but, Wade is a very specific kind of character who if not written can fall flat on his face. I had to give the issue a chance if for no other reason than to say that i tried and i am kind of glad i did.

So its not a reboot, its not an origin story but it also dosent follow on from the end of the previous story so dont expect any resolution from that. What we have here is Wade at his most bombastic, throwing himself into danger once again since his healing factor has returned. This time around he is taking on the dead Presidents of The United States since Shield dont want to sully the image of their own operatives or the Avengers. The issue is pretty heavy on action so dont expect anything too deep but the art looks pretty great which actually gives Wade a sense of motion. The book also features compatibility with the AR application but this prove to be a pain to kick off and didnt actually ehance the comic for me.

What stopped it from getting a full five star rating? I personally felt Deadpools jokes where a little flat, i did snicker a couple of times but the majority of his quips just didnt do anything for me. I also felt the issue was a bit short, rushed and lacking in any real story but this is just the first issue so its impossible to judge it too harshly right now.

In all id reccomend this to a Deadpool fan but id think twice about giving it to anyone else, a lot of my issues are likely due to just how much i dug Daniel Way's writing style and by the time we get to the third issue ill hopefully be loving it.

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