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Dead Dave's was opened a few years ago by an ex-police officer named Dave. He was kicked off the local St. Louis police force when they found out he was a vampire. Dave and his staff hear a lot of gossip about the local vampires since the bar is located in The District. He still wants to help the police by telling them any information he hears that might be of importance to them, but he resents the fact that they kicked him off the force just because he was dead. So he enlisted the help of RPIT's preternatural civilian expert, Anita Blake. He tells her valuable information and she tells the police; this way Dave won't have to deal with his old prejudiced friends. Dave only asked that Anita never shared the information with anyone but the police and pretended she was a customer. She would always order a glass of orange juice and they would pretend it was a Screwdriver.

Dave: Dave is the owner and nighttime manager. His bar is his home.

Luther: While Dave is dead for the day, Luther, the bartender and daytime manager is in charge and often talks to Anita and helps her with any news he's heard.

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