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Collecting issues #1-8 of the DC COMICS - THE NEW 52 series!

Don't miss these adventures of Deadman as he gains some control over his ethereal existence! Plus: June, the sole surviving member of The Challengers of the Unknown, must deal with the monstrous return of one of their own!

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In a brand new DC Universe, incredible comics creators present fresh takes on some of your favorite characters!

Murdered acrobat Boston Brand has been given a second chance put right his life's mistakes. Now the spectral hero Deadman, Boston is on a mission to inhabit people who need his help and to try to fix his ghostly fate. But when your only guide is a mysterious "god" who's keeping her fair share of secrets, sometimes you have to seek help wherever you can find it...even if it means making a deal with the devil.

For the cast and crew of the struggling reality TV series Challengers, what should be a routine film shoot soon turns into a harrowing near-death experience...and an entry into an inexplicable world of magic and mysticism. Now that hey're living on borrowed time, the Challengers of the Unknown will use their gift to solve the mysteries of the universe...or die trying!

DC UNIVERSE PRESENT VOLUME 1 (collecting issues #1-8) features the New 52 debuts of Deadman by Paul Jenkins (BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT) and BERNARD CHANG (SUPERGIRL) as well as Challengers of the Unknown by DAN DIDIO (O.M.A.C.) and JERRY ORDWAY (THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN).

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