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The Origin of Batman -- The Origin of the Incredible Hulk -- The Monster and the Madman -- When Wakes the Behemoth -- When Dreams Won't Come! -- When the Sea Churns Green -- When the Shaper Commands -- When Madness Reigns...! -- Epilogue.

It wasn't exactly what you'd call a fair fight. In yet another landmark cross over between the two comic book giants, the DC Comics and Marvel Comics Universes collided in order to offer a treasury sized panoramic battle between two of the medium's most famous characters.

Written by Len Wein and illustrated by Jose-Luis Garcia-Lopez, the comic saw two often misunderstood icons, Batman and the Hulk, doing battle with both the Joker and Marvel's ultra powerful Shaper of Worlds. When the Joker set about pitting the Hulk against Batman in the heart of a Wayne Research plant, the Dark Knight managed to beat the overwhelming odds by forcing the Hulk to inhale a lungful of sleeping gas. However, as fate continued to conspire against the Batman's ongoing manhunt for the Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime managed to unleashed the reality warping Shaper of Worlds, and soon the Dark Knight found himself teaming up with the Hulk in order to end the Joker's onslaught.

With cameos by Batman foes Killer Moth, Two-Face, and Scarecrow, and Hulk villains Rhino, the Leader, and the Abomination, this 64 page special served as a fun romp through the mad mind of the Joker as well as an interesting team up of a seemingly mismatched pair of comic book legends.

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