What has Been Missing from DC’s New 52?

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Now I want to start off by saying that I love DC, while personally I’ve only been reading comics for around 3 years now, I don’t think it would be pushing it by saying that what I lack in experience I make up for with enthusiasm. Now down to my point, it’s clear to anyone who’s been reading the new 52 or even reading certain articles here on comicvine, that something is missing in the new 52 recipe. Besides costume changes and (mostly) minor personality differences something bigger is amiss. Over the past year and a bit I’ve tried to read as much as I can, I mean history in the making! Who can resist? While I tried to keep at least one book in each faction of the DCU, I ended up reading mostly and by mostly I mean all of them besides three (Batman incorporated and batwing and batwoman) of the bat family ones adding in Teen Titans, World’s Finest, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Superboy. Add them all up and there’s a whole chuck of the “52” part in the new 52! (Just wondering at what point do we stop calling it new?) Obviously I’m not talking about every book, some of them are, dare I say it, amazing, and this missing piece... don’t get me wrong it’s not a necessity, it’s also not missing in every book, so keep that in mind.

So I think I'm as self qualified as any internet blogger, to put in my two cents. What I think is missing is the heart. At least with the books I've been reading, the true character of the character is more intended and assumed to be there, than shown by the true actions of whatever character we are talking about here. Confused? Well so am I! What I mean to say I guess is that, one of my first interactions with DC superheroes was from a little cartoon, Justice League the Animated Series, heard of it? My favorite parts now when I re-watch it are the whole batman/wonder woman flirtation (because yes I am a silly fangirl), or when I cried for reals when superman died, not because I thought him truly dead but because of the reaction from the team. Another example, pre-flashpoint one of my absolute favorite series was teen titans, while yes it was a mix of the characters and their troubles and all the usual things you go to a comic book for, it was less about the action, because if that’s what you we’re fixing for why not go to one of the many other high action packed books (superman, batman... the obvious ones) and more about the characters, and the struggles they had personally, and how they would band together or break apart, it was getting to still have all the superhero action and still be able to look at the behind the scenes stuff. Robin stealing the batmobile? Raven getting a tattoo to express herself, as well as kid flash getting one too only for it to disappear because of his flashy ways?

But rein me in here or I could go on for awhile... God I miss that series.... ANYWAYS my point is this, I think the writers are trying, I mean these are still the same people who were working for DC before the reboot, so what happened? Did they lose all their mojo? No! Of course not, so maybe they have all become a little to obsessed with pleasing all of us to slow down and take a breather and make us wait for the good stuff just to happen? I don’t know but it seems to me that if you want to reboot an entire fictional universe, maybe you should slow down and stop to think about why reboot it at all? I mean come on if you’re gonna reboot something might as well do it right! If you wanted to kill off a few characters you could have done it without rearranging the world, personality change puh-lease the comic book industry change our (ok technically their) characters all the time without consulting so why start now? What I mean to say is that... DC rebooted their world but they didn't take the time to tell us the stories, and that is as much our fault as it is theirs, we have become impatient in our love and whiny even, and in order to please us they whip half thought out, poorly done battle scenes and scantily clad women (but don’t focus on the skin remember your all angst-y at DC!) Instead of creating stories and weaving intricate plots into one another, they are too worried about the month to month. So they didn't really start from the beginning which I can understand you can only expect your readers to hold their attention for so long.... but maybe if you had started at the beginning in the first place you wouldn't be so turned around now? Think about them bananas!

...Obviously you can’t please everyone to perfection, who’s to say my opinion is even one that’s close to being the correct one? But I would really appreciate some more character moments. At this point I don’t even know if I’m defending or fighting with DC, oh well it’s not like I’m gonna stop reading.

Agree? Disagree? I wanna know what everyone else thinks....

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I'm pretty sure I agree with what you're getting at. There is a certain element of "heart" which I have always felt was lacking from most comic books (pre- and post-New 52). Sadly, a lot of comic book writers are more compelled to be driven by plot rather than characterization and warmth. Of course that's not always a bad thing. Just sometimes it feels like a mark has been missed in certain areas.

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Hm...well, I'd say that my biggest complaint with the New 52 is that DC has felt the need to impose a 5-to-6-year timeline in order to get the continuity hawks off their backs. I think that they should have just left it vague and let everyone decide when each title takes place and when, or if, some of their favorite stories took place. Like, I don't need to know when exactly Bruce started to be Batman or when exactly the Justice League was formed. All I need to know is how and that it happened at some point in the past.

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