What character(s) deserve a "DC Showase" short?

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With the exception of Catwoman, I've really enjoyed every DC Showcase (the shorts which are often released in addition to DC Animated Films). They've been great for getting a nice insight into characters one might not have that much exposure to.

So this got me thinking about what characters future Showcases might do. I personally think Martian Manhunter would be a great idea. Let's here some others.

Edit: Please excuse the misspelling in the title - Showcase*

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Phantom Stranger, particularly the Madame Xanadu story set in the time of Jack the Ripper. That would translate very well.

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Hell, I'd love to see one for like everyone. I like the idea of phantom stranger. I'd also like to see Dr. Fate.

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Booster Gold #32 (V2)
Booster Gold #32 (V2)
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Black Lightning

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Adam Strange would be great as an energetic 60s-esque Sci-Fi cartoon/movie homage.

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The Question

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I miss those shorts, they were great!

Anyway, I'd like to see one for:

Blue Beetle (Space adventures, YES!)

Phantom Stranger (It could be even better than Spectre)

Various Green Lanterns who aren't Jordan (Kyle, Guy, Kilowog)

Deathstroke (It'd be hardcore)

There are plenty of others, but that about rounds it out.

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I'd say the Flash, but that guy deserves his own full movie.

Hawkman, Etrigan, Captian Atom and Static.

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Static, Cyborg, and Deathstroke.

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I also agree that Adam Strange would work well and that would be my first choice. I would also go on to say Deadman and Animal Man. Also now that I think about it I want to see the Metal Men

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Love the Showcase Shorts, particularly the Green Arrow one.

If I had a choice, I would absolutely go with Dr. Will Magnus & the Metal Men, mostly because I know nothing about them. But they seem to have an interesting array of personalities and colors, and them going up against Chemo (a favorite of mine) would be sweet. Option B would be Kamandi, in the style of Kirby. What's not to love about the last boy on Earth fighting armored tiger-men?

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Ted Kord & Booster Gold


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