New 52 tough decisions

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Here is whats really bugging me lately i cannot decide between these superman and green lantern books Superman vs action comics and why?Ive heard action comics is better and that it will evantually hit present time. As for "superman," its not as good but will get a new team. What villains can i expect to see in the future? What will change? My second problem is between my two favorite green lanterns: kyle rayner ( green lantern new guardians) and hal jordan (green lantern). Which one has a better story, writing, art, characters, fights/action, and characters. Do they both feature all colored lantern corps?

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If you are under budgetary constraints, and must get one of each, get Action, and Green Lantern.

Wait until October when the Green Lantern event comes. It's going to be huge. Buy all four books.

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