DC Videogame Universe?

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Ok, by now I believe most of you must have played the Batman Arkham games by now. These two games have both gotten high amounts of critical praise and of course, they've made tons of money.

But one thing I've noticed in both games is that some of the characters mention other locations in the DCU. For example, in Arkham Asylum, one of the thugs mentions that he has a cousin in Metropolis (Supermans home town).

But it doesn't stop there, Metropolis is brought up yet again in Arkham City by Talia ah Ghul, when she is encountered in the game for the first time. And it's also revealed that Hugo Strange had plans to build a free roam prison in Metropolis and Keystone (Flash's hometown) similar to the one in Gotham, plus one of the thugs can be heard mentioning Wonder Woman.

And it gets even better, in the Deadshot arc of Arkham Unhinged, you can see members of the suicide squad, including Captain Boomerang and Captain Cold (Flash's bad guys) and one of the news papers in Arkham Asylum reference the Injustice Gang.

So with all these references to other heroes and villains in the DCU I was wondering. What if there was a DC Videogame universe? Think about it, DC once ruled television screens with the DCAU, and Marvel is currently ruling the box office with its cinematic universe, but so far, the big two have completely conquered a third medium, video games. Sure we might have seen some good games from the big two such as the Arkham Games, The Amazing Spider-Man, or Marvel Vs Capcom, but so far none of them had a series of games that shared a continuity.

I think this would be a perfect chance for DC to start up a new universe just like Batman The Animated Series gave birth to the DCAU two decades ago.

Here are the games ideas that I'll give descriptions of Later:

Superman: Guardian

Wonder Woman: Warrior


Flash: Speed Force

Green Lantern: Cosmic Protector

Static Shock: Gang War

Teen Titans: Requiem

Aquaman: War of Atlantis

Cyborg: Technical Tyranny

Batman Arkham Gotham [aka Arkham 3]

Justice League: Legacy

What do you guys think of something like this?

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umm sounds like a good idea.

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One also said he was gonna move to Bludhaven. But when I first go Asylum I thought that it was in the same universe as DCAU till I learned that Jason existed in the Arkhamverse so who knows. What I really want to know is why did Ra's lazerous pit need machines. And why did he live for 600 years instead of 6000 like his comic counter part, where did Croc go, what does Scarecrow have in store for Gotham, is Joker really dead, how will Ra's return because we all know he will, what did Azreal mean from the ashes of Arkham Gotham will burn(I think it means Joker comes back or Ra's lead an army of the league of assassins on Gotham) . And it would be hard to make a Superman and Flash game. I guess a WW game could be in the same style as God of War and the Green Lantern game was pretty good. I suppose they could model a Flash game after a Sonic game but some people might want to free roam and won't be satisfied. IDK but all I want is an eventual Nightwing game and the Arkham 3 game to be good.

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Superman: Guardian


The story begins when Superman has defeated Lex Luthor once again and hands him over to the authorities. However, a few days after the battle, Superman begins to discover some mysterious looking robots and then realizes in horror that they belong to only one being: Brainiac. Thinking that Luthor has something to do with this, Superman goes to the Metropolis prison to interrogate Lex, and sure enough he reveals that he was a part of the events occurring presently because he was working with Brainiac.

Lex explains that he was working together with Brainiac so that he could finally kill Superman once and for all. However, both of them soon find out that, Brainiac was merely just using Lex as a pawn so that he could not only kill Superman, but gather the resources necessary to finally take over the earth. And Lex never agreed to the "taking over the world" plot!

Now with Brainiac's forces wreaking havoc, and Superman's most deadliest foes running loose, Superman and Lex are forced to work together in order to defeat Brianiac and restore order to Metropolis.

Playable Charcters


Supergirl (via DLC)

Superboy (via DLC)

Steel (via DLC)

Supporting Cast

Lois Lane

Perry White

Jimmy Olsen



Lex Luthor





Mr. Mxyzplx


General Zod



Voice Cast

Returning from DCAU

Tim Daly: Superman/Bizarro

Dana Delaney: Lois Lane

Clancy Brown: Lex Luthor

Corey Burton: Brainiac/Toyman

David Kaufman: Jimmy Olsen

George Dzundza: Perry White

Lori Petty: Livewire

Returning From Young Justice

Nolan North: Superboy

Adam Baldwin: Parasite

Returning From Superman Returns: The Video Game

Dwight Shultz: Mister Mxyzptlk

John Billingsley: Metallo

Returning from Superman/Batman Apocalypse

Summer Glau: Supergirl

Returning from DC Universe Online

Alexander Brandon: General Zod

New Voice Actor(s)

Kevin Michael Richardson: Steel

Fred Tatasciore: Doomsday

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@ultrastarkiller: Actually, they were making a Flash game severeal years ago but it got cancelled. But this is how I think the Flash game should play like.

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@black_claw: The way he runs is pretty good but the combat looked terrible to me but I'm guessing that was just the prototype.

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@ultrastarkiller: It was just in development footage. But maybe if this game gets picked up by a good team, then maybe the Combat won't look so choppy.

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@black_claw: Ya if Rocksteady was still doing Batman they should do all the DC games like Nolan and the movies.

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@ultrastarkiller: I'm pretty sure they still are. Especially due to all the scarecrow easter eggs in Arkham City.

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Alright, Here's another one of my ideas for the DCVU:

Cyborg: Technical Tyranny

This is a game that takes us from Cyborg's transition from Teen Titan to a member of the Justice League. Now keep in mind, that while I am happy that Cy is now one of the top dogs of the DCU, I was bummed that all his history with the titans was erased as a result. In this game, there are only six founding members of the JL. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal), The Flash (Barry), and Aquaman. Cyborg is gonna be in a situation similar to JL: Doom where he earns his spot on the league.


The story begins in Jump City where Cyborg is celebrating his twentieth birthday with the rest of his fellow Titans. However, the situation is very bittersweet because now this means that Cyborg is to old to be with the team and today is going to be his last day with them. But as he and his friends are eating the cake, they soon get an alert that a bunch of robots made by STAR Labs is attacking the city.

The Titans quickly head to the scene of the crime ( which also serves as the tutorial level) and make quick work of the robot's. Cyborg starts to wonder why these robots acted the way they did, and soon gets his answer when he finds out that a powerful mech made by Cadmus named Atlas has taken control of most of the world's tech and weapons and is waging a full scale war against mankind. And the mech makes things personal when he kidnaps Silas Stone!

Now, Cyborg realizes that he is the only one that can stop this new threat. And so as he bids farewell to the Titans, he goes out into the world in order to stop this crazed villain, save his father, stop this war, and find his overall place in this world as an adult.

More details later.

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@sunman said:
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Really liked it till I saw the gameplay.

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@jwalser3 said:

@sunman said:
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Really liked it till I saw the gameplay.

lol I hear you, but it is a free video game, so you've got to temper your expectations.

I expect it to be the same as the new marvel MMO and that League of Heroes MMO

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With the technology of the next gen consoles I'd love to see a Justice League/ DC Universe game done right.

A Third Person Action adventurer that plays as a hybrid of Arkham City and Infamous 2. DC Uinverse Online

was fun and had fantastic writers, but it was annoying how you had to make up your own character

and weren't able to control the originals (Obviously this has to be the case with an MMO), but what

about a single player game?

You could have a main story/campaign layout similar to Injustice: GAU, where each chapter contains several missions

that use a specific JLA member from the big 7 (Bats, Supes, Wondy, Lantern, Jon, Black Canary and Green Arrow),

there would of course be other JL characters, but they'd be regulated to support NPC characters. But then another mode

would be the 'free world' campaign that would be similar to Injustice, where you can pick any character and complete missions

(That have new content monthly a la Halo 4), random acts of heroism or go rougue and start terrorising the city.

Cars would be driveable and THROWABLE if you're the right character. This would give access for players to use vehicles

like The Batmobile or Black Canary's motorcycle.

Co-Operative play would be possible and multiplayer could include entire citywide beatdown fights or timed mission

challenges. You could even have a race mode (Flash vs Superman anyone?).

This is the DC Universe game that I dream of.

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Yes it needs to happen.

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