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A Thanagarian hyperspace cruiser places itself in close proximity to a black hole. The Thanagarian commander, Kasta, the Hunter, exits the cruiser. In a space suit, specially designed to harness and channel the energies of the black hole, Kasta powers up. In his Fortress of Solitude, Superman detects the energy fluctuations of the black hole. Fearing that it is the work of Mongul, Superman heads into space to investigate. Kasta, exhausted from absorbing the power of the black hole, is brought back aboard the cruiser, which then cloaks. After checking on Mongul's containment capsule, Superman investigates the black hole. It takes everything the Man of Steel has not to be drawn into the black hole. Kasta orders his helmsman to set a course for Earth. When the man questions Kasta on that course of action, Kasta incinerates him. The Gentlemen Ghost appears in Carter and Shiera Hall's bedroom, and warns them of the coming of Kasta. Shiera, suffering from a bad cold, stays in bed, while Carter dons his Hawkman garb. The Gentlemen Ghost departs, leaving a bouquet of flowers for Shiera. Superman rescues a pair of fishermen, imperiled by a stormy sea. Unbeknownst to the Man of Steel, he is observed by Kasta. Hawkman confronts Kasta, and is violently hurled backwards by Kasta's power.

The explosion of Kasta's power draws Superman's attention. As Kasta closes in on Hawkman, Superman blasts Kasta's hands with his heat vision. Superman and Kasta grapple. Kasta's power flows into Superman, forcing the Man of Steel to his knees. Hawkman lassos a noose around Kasta's neck, and carries him into the sky. Kasta breaks free, leaping back down to the ground to finish Superman off. Hawkman punches Kasta to the ground, as the Man of Steel hurls stones at Kasta. Roping Kasta's hands together, Hawkman again carries Kasta into the sky, before hurling him into the heart of a tornado. Kasta is picked up by a Thanagarian shuttlecraft, and carried away. Later that night, Carter confesses his unease, to Shiera, over holding back information from Superman, regarding the secret invasion of Earth, by Thanagar. In space, Kasta has commandeered the shuttlecraft and taken it to the edge of the black hole. Having murdered the entire crew, Kasta finds that he is trapped outside the shuttle, drawing energy from the black hole, but with no one left alive to bring him back onboard. Floating on the edge of the black hole, Kasta feels his power grow, but it may be sometime before he can have his revenge.


  • Mongul cameo headshot appearance.

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