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Lewis Lang is holding a ceremony at the Gotham Museum to unveil a statue he excavated in Scotland. Amongst those attending the event are Jason Blood, Glenda Mark, Clark Kent and Lana Lang. The statue is then revealed as Blackbriar Thorn an ancient druid who transformed himself into this wooden form hundreds of years ago to avoid death during the Roman invasion of Britain. When exposed to moonlight the statue comes to life and attacks the guests with a magical storm. This provides a distraction for Clark to become Superman and for Jason to transform into Etrigan. They battle Thorn and he is forced to flee to Gotham Park.

While hiding in the park Blackbriar decides he needs a new body to survive in this era and that the body of Superman would be perfect. He draws attention to himself by forcing the foliage in the park to grow out of control and it's not long before Superman and The Demon arrive to face him. After a short battle Blackbriar is defeated when Superman separates him from the earth which is the source of his power.

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