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Doctor Mist summons Superman to Africa, on a matter of the utmost urgency. A plot has come to light to resurrect Thaumar Dhai, an ancient Atlantean sorcerer. The seat of Dhai's mystical might manifested in six talismans. Through various conflicts, Dhai lost each of those talismans, reducing his power enough that he himself could be, and was, defeated and destroyed. Now sinister forces have gathered, throughout the world, to collect Dhai's artifacts, and bring him back to life. Superman journeys to Israel, where, with the aid of the Israeli hero, the Seraph, he seeks out the first of Dhai's talismans, a meteor embedded within an armored breastplate. Guided by Doctor Mist, Superman and the Seraph find Ashtoreth and Moloch already at the site. Superman charges Moloch, only to be burned by Moloch's fiery grip, then beaten into the ground. Ashtoreth blinds the Seraph with her moon amulet. Supeman recovers the breastplate, but is helpless to stop Ashtoreth from wresting it from his grasp. With the breastplate in their possession, Ashtoreth and Moloch vanish. Superman journeys to Greece, where, with the aid of the Grecian hero, the Olympian, he seeks out the second of Dhai's talismans, a silver armlet. Guided by Doctor Mist, Superman and the Olympian find Echidne already at the site. Echidne pours the teeth of a mythological dragon onto the ground. Where each tooth falls, a warrior springs from the ground. The warriors, though, are but ordinary men, no match at all for Superman and the Olympian. Superman recovers the armlet, only to have it stolen from him by a hydra, summoned by Echidne. With the armlet in her possession, Echidne vanishes.

Superman journeys to Denmark, where, with the aid of the Danish heroine, the Little Mermaid, he seeks out the third of Dhai's talismans, a belt buckle of pure Orichalcum. Guided by Doctor Mist, Superman and the Little Mermaid find the Sea Troll already on the site. The Sea Troll animates the dead bones of ancient Atlanteans, attacking the two heroes with an army of skeletons. Swimming at super-speed, the two heroes create a whirlpool, that scatters the bones in all directions. The Little Mermaid recovers the belt buckle, only to be beat down by the Sea Troll. With the belt buckle in his possession, the Sea Troll vanishes. Superman journeys to Ireland, where, with the aid of the Irish hero, Jack O'Lantern, he seeks out the fourth of Dhai's talismans, a gold necklace. Guided by Doctor Mist, Superman, Jack O'Lantern, and Fergus, Jack O'Lantern's Faerie companion, find Dubh Magus already at the site. Dubh Magus has already found the necklace, but Superman draws it to him with his super-breath. Dubh Magus unleashes his wolf familiar, Lupus, on Superman. Jack O'Lantern teleports Superman to safety, but Lupus uses his Hell born senses to sniff the Man of Steel out. Dubh Magus sets a host of imps on Jack O'Lantern. By creating an image of a burning cross, Jack O'Lantern repels the imps. Lupus returns with the vanquished Man of Steel. With the gold necklace back in his possession, Dubh Magus vanishes. Superman journeys to Brazil, where, with the aid of the Brazilian heroine, the Green Fury, he seeks out the fifth of Dhai's talismans, a diamond embedded in golden crown. Guided by Doctor Mist, Superman and the Green Fury find El Dorado already at the site. El Dorado unleashes his spirit jaguars on the two heroes. The Green Fury keeps the jaguars at bay, giving Superman time to burrow underground and retrieve the crown. Breaking back through to the surface, Superman loses the crown to one of the spirit jaguars. With the crown in his possession, El Dorado vanishes.

Superman journeys to Japan, where, with the aid of the Japanese hero, the Rising Sun, he seeks out the last of Dhai's talismans, a pearl tipped scepter. Guided by Doctor Mist, Superman and the Rising Sun find Yuki-Onna, the Snow Woman, already on the site. Yuki-Onna generates a blizzard to keep the two heroes at bay. Before they can recover, she summons the Oni to finish them. While the Rising Sun battles against the Oni, Superman recovers the final talisman. Scepter in hand, Superman dives into the sea. Beneath the waves, a trio of Oni attack the Man of Steel, wresting the scepter from his grasp. With the scepter in her possession, Yuli-Onna vanishes. The six sorcerer villains re-appear on Easter Island, where they perform the ritual to resurrect Thaumar Dhai. As soon as Dhai returns to life, Superman and his heroic companions make their presence known. Dhai animates the great stone heads of Easter Island, forming giant bodies for each of them. Superman and the Olympian take out the stone giants. Then, Superman reveals that, while the other heroes distracted the villains, the Man of Steel had actually replaced each of the talismans with replicas. Jack O'Lantern and the Green Fury combine their mystical might to destroy Thaumar Dhai, once and for all. With Dhai defeated, the heroes turn their attention to the remaining villains, quickly taking them all down. Doctor Mist dubs the newly founded organization, "The Global Guardians.

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