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Dazzler is one of my favorite Marvel heroes, but personally i think she gets overshadowed by a lot of other marvel heroes. 
So today i thought why not give her her own animated series. 
What do you think? good idea or bad?
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I'd rather she have her own comic series first.  A book featuring a team of cult favorites with a loyal fan following.  A team NOT under Scott and Emma's thumbs. A team with NO Wolverine sticking his claws into their business.

Dazzler, Storm, Psylocke, Colossus, Nightcrawler plus a few others operating independantly of General Cyclops' army.  Say, for example, the President wants to improve relations with mutans so an arrangement is made.  An officially santioned group of X-Men, given their own name of course, operating Stateside.  Investigating mutant activity.  Helping those that need to be helped and stopping those that need to be stopped.   And, like the Avengers and the FF, they deal with any paranormal threat that comes along.  Like the original Avengers this group will have their own HQ, special equipment and even priority cards.  This team will be  promoting peaceful co-existence by actually co-existing with non-mutant humanity.  This is the team that's under the world's spotlight.  This is the team that dares not fail.  Because this is the team that is most hopeful. 
As a queen Ororo would operate kind of like the late Princess Diana.  Goodwill tours and such.  As an entertainer popular on both sides of the genetic fence Alison would also inspire both sides of that fence.  Both women would be the best public relations people their team and mutants in general would have.  I can see Dazzler helping Storm with her goodwill tours.  Fighting for peace with open hands and not clinched fists.  Although there's always something that will clinch those fists and the diplomats will have to become warriors again. 
Dazz, the perky outgoing one.  Psylocke, reserved and stoic.  Two pals doing girlfriend things together.  Be it shopping for shoes or smacking around the Wrecking Crew.  The Superman and Batman of the team.  Ali's the colorful distraction and Betsy's the stealthy operator in the shadows.   
I can see Colossus and Dazzler having a brother / sister type of relationship.  Although "sis" has no problem posing nude for her artistic "brother."  Both are always there for each other whenever they go through a rough patch.  

 Since Dazzler was Claremont's "chick with a sword" in New Excalibur I can see her and Nightcrawler fencing.  I don't know if Kurt is a priest or not.  I've heard rumors.  If he is then Ali would occasionally help him with whatever charity work he's involved in.  The glowing "angel" and the smokey "demon" working together. 
Dazzler's relationship with the others depends on who the others are.  I know the team has to have at least one jackass.  A "badboy" to stir the mix. 
And if this series does well then maybe they'll get their own animated one. 
Another series I'd like to see is Miss America, the Invisible Woman's yet to be seen charity team.  Sue, the Wasp, She-Hulk, Dazzler, Storm and maybe one or two others teaming up to deal with whatever it is they would deal with.  Of course they'd probably wind up being called the Lady Liberators.

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