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Don't MIss Out On Days Missing

This is a nice change of pace from the regular super hero genre as this comic book deals more directly with Science Fiction aspects and it is done and done well.  Been quite awhile since I've had the pleasure of reading a well written story outside the capes and masks genre and this fits the bill.  
Other reviews have already given info regarding the nature of the story of this comic book, but I will add that the main character, "The Steward", possibly an alien humanoid entity, is able to dilate time and is also very long-lived; he begins living life on Earth at the supposed time of "millions of years ago" with the dinosaurs.  I enjoyed how the writer introduces the character this way, it is well done.  I won't say anymore regarding that, you will have to read it. 
The Steward operates out in the open yet he remains anonymous as he is able to mesmerize humans when he wants, and thus this is the jist of the book.  The Steward interacts with humans acting as a human until he reveals his eyes when he wants to mesmerize humans so they soon forget about his own existence which I think is quite a unique way of having the character do his deeds.  I am thinking of The Steward as possibly an alien humanoid Good Samaritan.   
However, he does make some mistakes and the mistakes he makes will leave you speechless.  Some very tragic moments in the book, so be prepared to have your feelings stirred.   
Having a comic book stir your feelings isn't a bad thing and it is a testament to the powerful combination of the great writing and nicely rendered artwork in this title.  4 more issues are to follow and I do believe I will continue with it and hope you are able to find or order this issue from your local comic book shop.   
I'm impressed and think you will be too. 

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