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Dawn finds The Atrocity watching television and asks him to close off a world from the gods. They phase in and out of planes and realities as they debate the cost and price of such an action. When Lucifer suddenly appears and snatches back his new halo from The Atrocity, angered that he has been banished again, and reveals he traded the halo for earth to be left open for him. 
Lucifer is angry that Dawn took gods hand and found that god is afraid of her. They rapidly phase as they exchange words over the nature of existence and once again Dawn fails to identify a quotation correctly. 
At last they settle and Dawn  demands a price to seal off earth. The Atrocity decides he wants a halo. Lucifer dashes to offer the one he took back to keep it open. Dawn fades and finds Ilmarinen has been hard at work since last they spoke. She offers his four fiths of gods golden hand in exchange for crafting a halo for her with the remaining fifth. He readily agrees and forges a golden halo with four keys embedded in it. 
Dawn phases back with Lucifer still in mid-stride. The Atrocity takes one look and accepts Dawn's thick golden halo over Lucifer's thin tin one. Lucifer is beaten and snatching back the halo she offers it to Lucifer.. a halo and part of God. He refuses and returns to Hell. 
The Atrocity sneaks up and tries to take hold of the golden halo. Dawns eye flames and she is transformed into a six armed flaming skulled warrior. The Atrocity cowers before her display of power only for her to return to her usual shape and walk away, halo in hand.  
Dawn visits Cernunnos and she tells him she nearly cut out plane of existence from all but him. He seems to see that it would have made little difference. 

Meanwhile Mary tells her mother her pagan beliefs and is surprised to find her so accepting. They chat and Mary confirms that when scared she still reverts and says a Hail Mary despite herself. 
In her sleep Mary sees Dawn and tells her she had a dream the previous night where Dawn asked her to give up her baby to The Atrocity and asks her if she would actually ask her to do that. A silent Dawn turns a severe face towards her taking her aback. She watches as Dawn turns and enters a triangular portal. Mary wakes to find the golden halo in her hand, she checks on her baby and stands before a mirror and says "Now I know why you cry"







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