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A horned demon and a human dressed as priests sit in  a car listening to the radio. Near by a young woman kneels in a drawn circle in an alley way calling to the Goddess and asking why she is ignoring the dead of so many of her followers. Using an athame she commits suicide. Her naked form  floats away  and is greeted by the hand of  Cernunnos who tells her her sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.  
The priests arrive to find the witch already dead and reveal they have been hunting them and that there are very few left. An enraged Dawn appears and removes the dagger as she discovers the body of her follower. 
At the girls funeral her best friend Mary sits listening to the other mourners when Dawn sits beside her and tells her that she sacrificed her self and she will find out why. dawn shows her the dagger and shows her she knows that she is a witch too. Not knowing who Dawn is she flees only to end up before Dawn in an alleyway where she tells Mary she is the Goddess that she prays to. 
They are interrupted by the priests who Dawn cuts with the dagger giving them time to round a corner. The dead-end has them trapped and Dawn leans on a  wall as Mary is instructed to count to Five. By the time she has gotten to Three Dawn has faded out of reality and stand on another plane of existence with Ilmarinen the forger who was expecting her. 
Marys count reaches Four and Dawn fades back in to reality, elegant sword in hand. She deflects bullets and slices the human priest in two. the demon priest contorts and grows but its equally quickly dispatched. 
Meanwhile an elegant, golden haired man preaches on TV. The man is watching his own broadcast from the back of an expensive limo, talking on a phone to someone called Raksas, as it drives through the city.







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