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I found this on the wiki page, it doesn't belong there, but someone felt inspired to write it from their heart so I didn't want to delete it outright: 
Dave Stevens 1955-2008 One of my favorite comics artists ever, Dave Stevens, died, after an apparently long and secretive battle with leukemia. I say secretive 'cause I read message boards and comic websites constantly, and I didn't even know he was ill. I never met Dave, as I seldom trek to the West Coast for conventions, and he seldom came east... but his effect on my drawing ability and interest in comics is so immense that it almost can't be described. It's late and I gotta go to sleep, but I have a ton of thoughts about Dave Stevens rolling around in my head and I plan to write 'em down as soon as I feel confident elaborating upon them. 'Til then, I'll leave you with this: A scan of Dave's drawing of the obscure character Dolphin, from DC's encyclopedic Who's Who series from the 80s. I first laid eyes on this image when I was 14, and it just about made my mind explode.

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That's beautiful. What a great way to keep this heartfelt expression alive.

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