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A young man named Dass Jennir was enlisted in the Jedi Order to become a Jedi when it was revealed that the Force in him was strong. Dass Jennir had already become a Jedi when he became an reluctant witness to the fall of the Republic and the fall of the Jedi's when Order 66 was put into action.


Dass Jennir was created by Welles Hartley and Doug Wheatley and first appeared in Star Wars: Republic issue 79 (2005).

Major Story Arcs

Dark Times

Jedi on the run
Jedi on the run

Jennir was fighting as a Commander among his Clone Troopers on a planet against the local inhabiters whom had affiliated with the rebels. During one of the many battles, Order 66 was launched and Dass Jennir was attacked by his own troops. Hurt and confused, Jennis managed to get away and found refugee with Bomo Greenbark, one of the locals whom he had fought against only a few days ago. At first the locals wanted to kill him for his part in the war on their planet, but soon Dass Jennir managed to convince them of his cause and why he had fought against them. Dass Jennir affiliated with the locals and soon started fighting against his former troops. Jennir is one of the few Jedi's that managed to keep away from the Emperor's reach.

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