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A primer on the Valiant Universe's biggest villain and Shadowman's arch-nemesis, the necromancer Master Darque! Learn the secrets of Darque and his allies in this exclusive behind the scenes look.

Only available as an insert of the Shadowman trade. This 10-page long issue does not contain any comic book story. Instead it contains brief bios and summaries, along with illustrations from various artists, of the most important characters (minions and enemies) and powers of Master Darque (as follows).


  • About ("Master") Darque
  • Necromancy and the Darque Power
  • Sandria
  • Minions of Darque
    • Hook and Welt
    • Anton Quigley
    • Doctor Eclipse
    • Sirus
    • Mademoiselle Janine Noir
    • Terence
    • Abdul
    • Jawib
    • Bolo
    • Vise and Nitro
  • Darque's Enemies
    • Maxim St. James
    • Jack Boniface
    • Doctor Mirage and Carmen
    • Nettie and The Coven
    • Armstrong
    • Gilad (Eternal Warrior)
    • Solar
    • Obadiah Archer
  • Powers of Darque
  • The Future of Darque
  • Darque Manifestations (List of appearances in the Valiant Universe)
  • Pin-up/Back Cover (by Elim Mak & Kathryn Bolinger)

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