What Was Pre-Crisis Darkseid's Most Powerful Feat?

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Please post scans if you have them.

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He mind controled 3 million of those Kryptonian cousins, the Daxamites. His telepathy was near Xavier levels.

Pre Crisis fought Bronze Age Superboy and Supergirl at the same time.

Kirby's Darkseid could transmute A class bricks into a weak mortal child with the wave of a hand

Fought the Phoenix in a crossover

He has Skyfather feats and could beat down characters who were   as powerful as the entire Legion of Superheroes (Pre Crisis Legion)

His Omega Effect worked, it burned heroes or could erase them from existance, his beams could teleport etc





His power level was dropped after the 1985 Crisis and he now gets one-shot by a weakened version of Superman

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