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Tombstone is searching for Darkhawk because he wants the amulet.

Grace Powell has managed to arrest Phillipe Bazin on multiple charges and has a key star witness. While Grace works on opening statements for the jury. Jason goes to warm up her car and it explodes. Jason is taken to the hospital.

Bazin has paid the 1400 Club (the group that took out the original Hobgoblin, run by Ned Leeds) to take out “The Rat” Malone, the star witness. Darkhawk defeats the 4 armored hitman, but Malone dies of a heart attack. Grace is in court taking down Bazin. Chris leaves for a breathe of fresh air and runs into his father in the courthouse hallway. He tries to chase him but is stopped the the private eye, . Grace comes out and neither tell her the truth in order for her to be at her best performance in the courtroom.

Darkhawk leaves to find answers from Saint Johnny, but is already there and has incapacitated Saint Johnny.

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