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Following his appearances in Cyclone Anthology In Dark Nebula's first issue there is a lot of press for a new masked hero called "Vigilante". The general at USO has asked Mark why he can't get that sort of press. Watching the news as this V gets interviewed Mark is not impressed, believing him to be a blow hard. When Mark seeks to help out when a major accident occurs on a Bridge (telekinetically holding the bridge together while emergancy services get people off), Vigilante appears and seems to get most of the credit for doing nothing. Mark is even less impressed. Finally V attacks DN and reveals that his is truly the Grandstander (the international assassin) with a contract for some of the high ranking officials at USO, since it was obvious that DN strongly involved himself in USO business he created the V to gain his measure. Grandstander fires a plasma blast at DN (believing him destroyed ) and continues to fullfil his contract. He is successful as DN arrives to late to stop him. GS is amazed that DN survived his plasma blast. When told by DN that's it's pretty hard to kill someone who's already died GS replies good to know for the future. At this point GS decides it is pointless to continue the fight (DN is p@$$ off and obviously too powerful) he fires at a support beam to put the others at risk and whil DN saves them makes his escape. 







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