Dark Beast on Wolverine's X-Men Theory

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I think it's Dark Beast because the way he's dressed is far more similar to the regular Beast. Plus if you think about the Gold & Blue teams methods Gold is more about doing whatever it takes to preserve their race even kill whereas Blue is more nonviolence oriented. That being said why would Logan want someone who's going to hold back in battle plus Dark Beast adds superior intellect & more creative (yet sadistic) ways to do his experiments plus he could probably amp up some of the other mutants powers or weapons. Plus he could vital in helping control mutants like Rachel, Toad, Kid Omega & even Gambit if they go psychotic or rebel.

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Doubtful. The X-men hate and mistrust Dark Beast and have every reason and more to do so, and he just screwed them once again in X-Force.
How could he be vital? He dissects characters like that and plays with their brains, literally? X-Man wants him dead for the things he did to him,
Emma feels exactly the same, he murdered everyone in Beasts high school class and old parish, and on...I not only don't understand why this conclusion
would be drawn, but if the writers somehow dismissed this character and his history with the X-Men on personal levels that would be reason #1 for me
not to pick up the comic book.

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Somebody hasn't been reading Uncanny X-force.

In your defense, Bachalo seems to draw Dark Beast and Beast in the same Hellboy costume ripoff manner.

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