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Daredevil Dared Evil... 0

 Let me get this straight: I know there are many haters of this movie and I also get WHY they hate it and agree with them on many things. Personally, I liked this movie. It is not my favorite, sure, but it is one I really like.  It is my opinion that most, if not all, superhero movies argue what is the ideal way to mete out justice; if just "catch and put in jail", "punish then put in jail" or "eliminate". Daredevil in particular argues this - it reminds me a lot of what Doc Samson says i...

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Five By Five... 0

I got this movie as a gift from the DVD store in town.I'd never really been into Daredevil but after seeing this moive I fell for the series.Kingpin and Bullseye do look different from the comics,but the fight scenes with them make up for it.It captured the quest for vengance in a way that I couldn't help but love.This movie is once of the best done by Marvel....

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The Angry Comic Book Critic Begins 0

By The Angry Comic Book Critic      I've been thinking hard lately about what to do for my upcoming 50th review I've gotten some suggestions for some pretty shitty comics and movies ranging from stuff I've never heard of to the live action Super-girl Film which I plan to review at a later date because after a long time of reflecting and thinking about what to give you guys for my upcoming 50th review I've decided on doing.....a crumby ass clip show! That's right my loyal fans for the big Five-O ...

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Why does everyone Hate this movie? 0

I always liked Daredevil as a character and before I saw the film I had already read a few Daredevil comics, and when I watched the film, I loved it, I loved how comic accurate the film was, I felt the lack of Bullseye's costume and a black Kingpin was kinda weird, but it worked. Michael Clarke Duncan was an Awesome Kingpin, his voice was so perfect for the role. The Soundtrack wasn't all that bad either as well as the special effects for it's time. Going back to how comicbook accurate this film...

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Double dare you to be a good movie 0

There was nothing good about this movie. Nothing. Period. If you love Daredevil, don't watch this trash heap. Just don't. Ben Affleck should have his license to play superheroes revoked. Jennifer Garner somehow managed to transform Electra Nachios into Electric Nachos. Honestly, listen to that name and tell me you don't want some funky Taco Bell. This isn't going to be an serious review, because it's really difficult to take a low-brow joke seriously....

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