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I wanted to start reading Marvel, ongoing Daredevil was very recommended, I read it... TOTALLY LOVE IT now I want more. What else you recommend me?

PD: More of Daredevil

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wolverine and the x-men, uncanny x-force, secret avengers(rick remender run), venom (rick remender), defenders, the incredible hulk (jason aaron) that all I got

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#3 Posted by Zhakaraz (85 posts) - - Show Bio

Amazing Spider-Man

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Amazing Spider-man, Venom, Wolverine and the x men

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@kingjoeg said:

Amazing Spider-man, Venom, Wolverine and the x men

These, and Moon Knight, and any older Daredevil stories by Frank Miller

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read winter soldier

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#7 Posted by Zomboid (754 posts) - - Show Bio

If you're asking for more Daredevil recommendations, I'd suggest checking out Frank Miller's run, especially Born Again, as well as Man Without Fear. Also Daredevil: Yellow and Guardian Devil.

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It makes me sad that people like the current DD run, it means we'll be stuck with it for ages and I wont be able to read what used to be my fav character for years :(

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#9 Posted by Billy Batson (59618 posts) - - Show Bio

Nextwave: Agents of Hate and Ennis' Punisher. Those are the only good marvel series (plus the old Daredevil)

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#10 Posted by RoboShark (2636 posts) - - Show Bio

Winter Soldier

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