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In Atlantis Namor,the Submariner is approached by Krang. He questions Namor as to why they have not claimed the surface of the earth which is their right. Krang pushes the Prince of Atlantis even further stating that his subjects grow restless. In response Namor travels to New York City and visits the law offices of Nelson and Murdock. The Sub-Mariner crashes through their door wanting to sue mankind for the rightful possession of earths surface. As Matt Murdock explains Namor is angered by the lawyers because there is no legal basis or precedent .He smashes the desk  wanting to avoid a war between the two races. He then says he will force them to see it his way then crashes through the wall of the law offices.  
Namor goes on a rampage figuring that the U.S. will take him to court if he causes enough damage. Matt Murdock changes into his guise of Daredevil to confront Namor who has been crushing the U.S. military defenses. Daredevil leads Namor to the pier thinking that if he gets in the water Namor will cool off. Namor grasps Daredevils ankle and pulls him into the bay and is thrashed about and tossed back to the surface. Namor then surrenders to US military  to be tried in U.S. court of law. Matt Murdock represents him and tries to make a counter-suit against the entire human race as instructed by Prince Namor of Atlantis. As the charges are being read Namor's Lady Dorma appears in court to tell Namor of Warlord Krang who has started a rebellion to upsurp his throne.Trying to get an early court date Matt finds and explains to Namor that  it will take several weeks for his case to be seen and heard. Namor disgusted and impatient for his day in court breaks free bending and breaking the iron bars of his holding cell. Outside Daredevil makes a deal with the military to bring back Namor without causalities. Daredevil tries to use a smokescreen to his advantage but is unable to stop Namor as the smoke clears. Using his billyclub Daredevil latches onto Namor's ankles . Namor takes to the skies hoping to drop Daredevil from a dizzying height killing him. Taking him higher when Daredevil takes hold of Namor's winged ankles and  they both plummet to a construction site below. Daredevil uses the wrecking ball slamming it twice into Namor. Unable to get his bearings Namor is then buried under rubble dropped on him by Daredevil using a steam shovel. Namor hot on Daredevils trail breaks a street lamppost in half that Daredevil was swinging on throwing him to the ground. Daredevil exhausted at this point tries his last attempt at stopping Namor by grabbing the loose ends of the lamppost electrical wire and joins them gambling that his insulated gloves will save him . The jolt stops them both in their tracks. Soon Namor recovers as he starts to walk away. Daredevil comes to grasping at his ankles only to fall back into unconsciousness. "Out of all the super powered humans I have fought, none have been more courageous than he, the most vulnerable of all. "  Namor claims and out of respect for him spares mankind again returning to the sea to deal with Warlord Krang and his Rebellion.

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