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Is there a doctor who can restore Matt Murdock's sight? Before he can even process that decision, Daredevil leaps into action to prevent an assassination.

Karen Page who, the issue before had implored Matt to get eye surgery with Dr Van Eyck, informs her boss that the surgeon has moved to small European principality, Lichtenbad. As luck would have it, a former class mate of Matt and Foggy's, Klaus Kruger is the ruler of this country and he urges Matt to return with him to receive surgery.

An assassination attempt is made on Kruger as he and Matt land in Lichtenbad, alerting Matt to the fact that Kruger is a despot. Matt also senses fear in Dr Van Eyck when he meets him. Later, as Daredevil, Matt sees Kruger's ruthless, robotic Palace Guard arrest a group of would be dissenters.

When Daredevil confronts Kruger in his castle, Kruger thinks he is the leader of a revolt against him, seeing as he is a masked figure. When DD attackes Kruger, his palace guard strike back and arrest him. In the dungeons, Kruger reveals that he has deliberately brought the best brains in the world to his own nation - including Van Eyck and Matt Murdock - with the intention that they serve him. Kruger tells Daredevil that it is his hope that he will have the greatest men in every field serve him with the intention of building a robot army to conquer the world.

Daredevil soon escapes, setting free other prisoners, who have been unfairly arrested. The free people of Lichtenbad then storm Kruger's castle in open revolt. After going back to check on Van Eyck, Daredevil joins the fray, attacking Kruger in single combat.

Whilst the two fight, Van Eyck watches from a distance, making the connection between Matt Murdock and Daredevil. When Kruger sets off a radioactive cobalt cloud, Van Eyck races to stop the device being triggered but, in so doing, suffers a lethal dose of radiation.

Meanwhile Daredevil and Kruger's battle continues atop the castle until Kruger lunges at DD and Matt has no option but to use his billy club to knock Kruger off the top of the castle, the dictator seemingly falling to his death.







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