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Bruised Ego

I’m not as big of a Marvel fan as I am a DC fan, but Daredevil is one of those characters that seems to like to stick his foot in the door. This issue mostly involves Daredevil fighting a super villain by the name of Bruiser who has the ability to change his center of gravity. Bruiser—though dressed like a luchador—is actually a very interesting character as you learn that Bruiser is fighting as a sense of training to get ready to achieve his dream of fighting the Hulk. Unfortunately for him though Daredevil pretty much “shatters” that dream for him and ends up having five different criminal organizations gunning for him. The main thing that hurts this issue for me as it has for past issues is its art style. I’m not the biggest fan of Marcos Martin’s art, but the story is halfway decent so if you could care less about the art then it makes for an okay Daredevil tale.

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