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As Daredevil's Shadowland stronghold in Hell's Kitchen grows, more heroes step forward to try to bring The Man Without Fear back to his senses. But any foe of Daredevil knows he is not a man easily stopped. The battle for New York continues!

Elektra and Master Izo infiltrate the Fortress of the Hand and eavesdrop on a meeting of the Snakeroot. The Snakeroot members discuss the potential of the zugaikotsu warrior to be summoned, but they doubt the warrior will be a match for “whom they serve”. They then receive a report from White Tiger who tells them Daredevil has “made himself a killer”, which pleases them because they now have “fertile soil for the black flower to take root”. Upon hearing this, Master Izo tells Elektra they must return to New York immediately. The Snakeroot members tell White Tiger they must now sever Matt Murdock’s ties to his old life and she says it is already underway. Elektra and Master Izo flee the Fortress of the Hand. Before Izo sacrifices himself by cutting a log bridge full of Hand ninjas, he tells Elektra to find Murdock and to do what she knows she has to do.

Back in Hell’s Kitchen, Dakota North defends herself and an unconscious Foggy Nelson from the Hand hit squad White Tiger sent last issue. She is eventually overtaken and just as she is about to be killed, Luke Cage and Iron Fist appear and defeat the hit squad. Iron Fist wonders out loud if the ninjas were sent by Murdock, and Nelson says he wouldn’t have sent them because they are all friends. Cage and Iron Fist resolve to talk to Murdock personally.

In Shadowland, Typhoid Mary approaches Daredevil and offers her allegiance. She assures Daredevil that she is in control of her personalities and her powers. Daredevil is then told that a delegation of superheroes has appeared at Shadowland’s gate. He tells a guard to put Typhoid Mary in a tower under observation and leaves to meet with the delegation. Back at a NYPD safehouse, Foggy wishes he was with the delegation and Dakota wants to find out who sent the ninjas after them. As they discuss whether or not Murdock was the source, a large explosion rocks Shadowland.

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