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Karen Page reaches a critical point in her career, and must decide whether her feelings for Murdock are enough to keep her at the law office. Daredevil continues his hunt for the vigilante, Jester. Guest-starring Captain America!

In Combat With Captain America!

Daredevil is going through a vigorous workout in his private gym and is bemoaning the fact that he’s lost the girl he loved. He thinks Karen Page must know his feelings but she thinks he can’t tell her because of his blindness. In reality DD doesn’t want to endanger Karen by sharing his secret and he can’t give up being Daredevil. Our hero thinks maybe he was born to be Daredevil and Matt Murdock is the false identity. As Matt tries to get Karen out of his mind his thoughts wander to the events of a few hours ago. A flashback shows Karen telling Matt and Foggy she’s quitting her job because she needs to try and forget about Matt who pretends not to care to make it easier for her. Karen storms off and the flashback ends with Daredevil smashing his gym equipment in anger and heading out to do what he does best.

Daredevil swings through New York trying to outrun the memories of Karen Page and overhears a loudspeaker as he passes Madison Square Garden. The announcer shouts that Captain America is willing to take on any challengers for charity. DD thinks it would be a blast to take on Cap but decides to track down The Jester instead. While on his search he hears a police radio broadcasting that a bag containing dangerous radioactive material has been stolen from a hospital. DD decides this is right up his alley and soon tracks down the radioactive materials using his hyper-keen senses. He defeats the thief with ease and picks up the bag but the radiation instantly gives him a strong headache and he starts remembering the day when an accident with a truck carrying radioactive materials gave him his powers. DD thinks his hyper keen senses must be extremely susceptible to radiation and that’s why he feels different. After returning the bag the Man Without Fear passes Madison Square Garden again where hears the announcer saying someone has finally stepped up to challenge Captain America… but Daredevil decides what Cap needs is a real fight and his going to give it to him!

Daredevil runs into the arena and swings into the boxing ring, knocking out Cap’s challenger on the way. A surprised Captain America is soon being pummelled by Daredevil who’s determined to prove he’s the better fighter. Cap tries to find out why The Scarlet Swashbuckler is attacking but DD only responds with more violence. Finally the Star Spangled Avenger decides it’s time to fight back and batters Daredevil with his shield and throws him onto the ropes. DD uses the momentum to bounce back and land a devastating dropkick that stuns Captain America. Cap decides he must be fighting an impostor and he won’t hold back anymore. Another shield attack and a couple of body blows drop Daredevil and the crowd go wild at the “act”. DD charges at Cap and sends him over the ropes but the Avenger grabs Daredevil and drags him over too. The fighters land in the crowd and the fight soon spills into an empty elevator shaft that they both crash through. Captain America grabs a cable and as Daredevil saves himself with his Billy club his head suddenly stats to ache furiously again. The duo land at the bottom and Cap offers to call it a draw before someone really gets hurt. DD responds by kicking his opponent in the face and telling him he wants the credit for defeating Captain America. At the same time DD’s headache becomes unbearable before it suddenly stops and he wonders where he is and why Captain America is approaching him aggressively. Not knowing what’s going on Daredevil leaves with Captain America in pursuit. DD realises the radium in the bag he handled must have caused him to go berserk but feels it’s easier to cut out then explain himself to Cap who decides DD must have had his reasons and is happy to call it quits. The crowd catch up to Cap and reporters ask him why DD chickened out. Cap says he didn’t and was just putting on a good show. Elsewhere, Daredevil is thankful he was able to forget about Karen for a few moments…

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