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Mr. Silke's attempt to take over the Kingpin's territory backfires when Vanessa, the Kingpin's estranged wife, exacts revenge on all his fellow conspirators, brutally killing everyone including her own son.

Afraid for his life, Silke turns himself into the FBI. When they refuse his request for protection he gives them the one piece of information that the Kingpin had that he thinks will save him.

That Daredevil is really a blind lawyer named Matt Murdock.

The FBI decide not to follow up on the Daredevil information. But the next day, on the cover of the biggest tabloid in the city, the headline reads: Daredevil's Secret Identity Revealed.

The secret is out.

After months of a media circus with old villains trying to attack him in his civilian identity, Matt Murdock holds a nationwide press conference to announce that he is not Daredevil and he is suing the tabloid for four hundred million dollars.

Matt has decided to lie to save his law practice and himself from going to jail.

Vanessa Fisk meets Matt and announces that she has dismantled the Kingpin's entire crime syndicate operation. As a going away present, she gives Matt the name of the FBI agent that sold his story to the tabloids.

Matt's ex crime fighting partner, the Black Widow, is disturbed to see that Matt has put his secred identity away to focus on the legal fight in front of him. She makes a phone call to a voice from Daredevil's past in an attempt to shake Matt out of the mental rut she thinks he is in. Elektra has come to visit.

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