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Invaders from outer-space! While giving a college lecture on the legal implications of an alien invasion, Matt Murdock’s super sense is alerted to extraterrestrial activity! Enter the Queega, a strange alien race intent on robbing the world of sight! Will Daredevil’s blindness be an asset in this race against the clock?

Matt has been invited to give an address to students at Carter College on the subject of UFOs. Another speaker, Professor Tom Brewster, who claims to have seen 'flying saucers' is absent, following alien footprints in the snow. Spotting an alien and firing off a shot, Matt and other university personnel come after him and Brewster reveals that the alien told him that the human race was doomed.

Although he is disbelieved by his colleagues, Matt, interpreting his heartbeat, realizes that Brewster believes he is telling his truth. Daredevil goes off in search of what Brewster has seen and soon encounters a space craft with vengeful green aliens on board. The aliens attempt to blind Daredevil but quickly sense this has no effect. Instead they encase him in ice and take him aboard their flying saucer.

The leader of the aliens reveals to Matt that they wish to plunder earth's mineral resources. Admiring the way he fought them, they also offer to restore Matt's sight, whilst at the same time, they activate their blinding ray to rob the sight of everyone on earth. Daredevil, however, manages to distract an alien with a snowball, who then accidentally destroys the ray gun. The aliens, now weaponless, flee earth.







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