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Using Ben Urich's lead, Daredevil hunts for Kingpin's wife. Plus, Foggy's life may be in danger...

The viscious attack from Elektra from the prior issue,left DareDevils leg in a cast and reporter Ben Urich in the hospital on a vent for two weeks. Reporter Ben Urich finally returns to work at the Daily Bugle. He realizes as he develops photos in Daily Bugle dark room that a bag Lady whom he had photographed a month prior looks like the Kingpins wife ,who has been missing for some time. Via taxi cab Ben Urich and DareDevil travel to stretch of abandoned subway track where Vanessa Fisk was last seen. They follow the subway tunnel until they come upon a ladder that descends 100 feet below . DareDevil tells Ben to go home. As DareDevil descends the ladder , Ben is taken hostage by the subterranean people. As DareDevil approaches the bottom of the ladder a woman is screaming. The woman cries "Gone!!" and claims "Can't you see my leg has been eaten by a monster." DareDevil gives her his crutch. as the woman breaks out in laughter. Soon DareDevil too has taken over and hostage by the superior numbers of the subterranean people . Only to be lowered and sacrificed with Ben into the alligators watery pit. Before being lowered into the pit DareDevil notices that Vanessa Fisk is sitting next to the Subterranean King. After DareDevil sets Ben free of his ties, he disposes of the alligator , and then emerges from the watery grave to do battle with and defeating the Subterranean King. Finding Vanessa Fisk DareDevil uses her as a trade with the Kingpin. The price of the trade,was that Kingpin s newly orchestrated landslide Mayor Randolph Winston Cherryh won't take office.

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