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Assassin's Creed: Fearless 0

This is one of the few Daredevil covers that isn't doing anything for me. It doesn't have any of the incredible touches most usually have, and even without them it's fairly standard.This issue is brilliantly laid out. The beginning, where Daredevil uses all his enhanced senses to work out where he is, not only demonstrates his abilities very well, it's a cruel mirror to the finale of the issue.There's not a whole lot to this story, Daredevil is a prisoner Latveria because he stole the Omega Driv...

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Waids' Best Yet . . . 0

In this comic, Mark Waid has done an amazing job. This must be the best Daredevil Waid has done. It's been good so far and I'm ready for the next one. Mark adds suspense to the Daredevil comics, which I like about the comic so much. Wait and see my friends, just wait and see. Mark Waid will do it again in the next comic....

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Daredevil The Man Without Anything 0

Daredevil has survived nearly everything thrown at him thanks to his radar senses and years of training. Having been kidnapped and charged with crimes against Latveria, you wonder how he'll get out of this one, surely it will be easy, or will it? Writer Mark Waid and artists Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez are ready to take you on another thrilling adventure with the Man Without Fear!The GoodThis is one of the best issues of the series! As Daredevil had recently been kidnapped and placed in a ...

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Daredevil goes to Latveria 0

This is issue 14 of DaredevilThe GoodThis issue starts out from the last issue with Daredevil trapped in Latveria and he uses his senses to work out where he is and this scene is done very well he uses several facts such as time differences and the smell of certain plants. Then we get onto the neat plot twistSPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.of Daredevil's senses being removed by Nano Doom bugs.Then we get onto this chase scene where he travels through Latveria gradually getti...

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Doom 0

With something of a sudden cliffhanger last issue, we're brought to Daredevil's current situation in Latveria, where... well, this storyline, in my opinion, is way too much fun to tell you outright. But, for the most part, this is an escape story, but with a really unique take specific to Daredevil, which really drew me in, as a reader. There's lots of great moments and, while not meant to be funny necessarily, has moments that will make you feel like you're on a roller coaster of epic proportio...

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