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DD (not DC) reboot a go!

After all the insanity that has recently surrounded Daredevil, it's time to go back to basics for one of my first childhood favourites. 

The Good

 Back in action...
 Back in action...
As a kid, first getting comics, some of the very first comics I read were Frank Miller's run on Daredevil. Now anyone who has read this particular run, knows that it's a good one. Being exposed to such brilliant comics at such an age, I believe, has helped shape me into the literary freak I am today, not just for comics, but for all prose, be it novel, poem or magazine. 
That aside, I find it difficult to read Daredevil comics unless they're particularly brilliant in some way. I think to nail Daredevil, you have to nail a particularly distinct  style of not only writing but also in the art. Something which Frank Miller's run did, something which Bendis and Maleev's run achieved and something which I believe Waid and Rivera's new beginning to Daredevil is beginning to achieve.   
I could look at Rivera's work all day. It's beautifully simple and has an awesome nostalgic value to it, and not '80's nostalgic' and not 'Golden age nostalgic' which some artists try so hard to 're-create'. Rivera's old school vibe just comes so naturally and it's perfect, not only for this new series of Daredevil's tone, but also for conveying atmosphere and feelings. Most people see Daredevil as a 'darker' title, including me sometimes, but after the grim and gritty Shadowland, Daredevil needed a well deserved restart. A fresh new clean break, so this new 'lighter' feeling series is exactly what, not only what Daredevil needs, but also what the fans needed as well. There's only so much badness a guy can take. 
This issue is exactly what a number one issue should be. Any body can pick this up, comic book regular or comic book virgin. It's uncomplicated, fills you in on Daredevil's origin and recent story line's, which in turn explains Daredevil/Matt's current status but doesn't take up hardly any page time at all. This is all thanks to writer Mark Waid, who successfully brings a new start for DD, introduces a potential new love interest, new problems for Matt Murdock's career and social life plus a reason to come back next issue. 
Plus there's a lovely little back up story which centers on dialogue between Matt and Foggy with a sad and poignant message which is again, very new reader friendly and adds a new dimension to DD's origin and character.   
Double plus, it has an awesome opening at a wedding with a visit from a formidable Spot.

The Bad 

Shh no one needs to know...
Shh no one needs to know...
The way that Daredevil was exposed as Matt Murdock last series is swept under the carpet as 'it's alright because no one believed it anyway', which seems mighty unrealistic. How would anyone be able to live a normal life and go to work again if they were exposed as a superhero? I know, I know, this is a key plot point to the book but why is Matt being so naive in thinking that people will just believe him when he says 'hey, I'm not Daredevil, I be blind!' even when it was nationally exposed that he was Daredevil? 
Also, Daredevil's actions during Shadowland aren't brought up by anyone. Surely this is quite important as people believe Matt to be DD, so surely Daredevil killing people would be used against him in court, by civilians and by other lawyers. It's not as if Shadowland was exactly kept a secret, people knew this was happening, even if it was publicly revealed he was possessed, many would still be afraid and distrustful. 
But I do appreciate how Waid was trying to make a fresh start with DD and not  concentrate too much on his past, that was handled in Daredevil: Reborn and we don't need that in this book.
The Verdict 
An excellent start to a landmark DD ish. A great jumping on point and new start for those who regularly keep up with comics. Excellent art and handling of timing and story, pick this issue up, maybe two, who knows how much this issue may be worth in a good, saaaaaay 50 years...  
And of course this is Daredevil, so Elektra, Bullseye and Kingpin HAVE to appear sooner or later, and seeing this creative team tackle these characters is gonna be super exciting.
Here's to a new era in Daredevil history.

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