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Good Start...

Pretty cool.  The colors are well used as well... the only thing I'm not a big fan of is the fact that you cannot see his eyes.  Kinda wish his baton wasn't in the way. 
The Good: 
It has what all #1's should have.  A good introduction to the character without giving us a complete rehash, an actual moving plot to what the rest of the series will contain, and repercussions from previous series (I'm looking at you, Shadowland) are also discussed without dwelling in the past.  As a person who knows nothing about Daredevil, I felt like I had all of my questions answered and I understood the scope of the character.  Yet, I really want to keep reading and the way that Waid has written Murdock here has me really interested in the direction of the comic. 
The Bad: 
There wasn't really anything wrong with this issue, to be honest.  For some odd reason, however, I don't think it's deserving of a perfect rating; but there wasn't anything that really jumped out at me.  Maybe it was the fact that he kissed a bride, but that's not really that bad. 
A great beginning to a new series; I was very happy with the outcome and I'm looking forward to reading future issues.  I hope they keep the pace of this issue but deliver some really cool fights.  The villain here, though I've never heard of him until now, I thought was pretty cool. 

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