Dante/Vergil Respect thread

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I'm reposting these so I can link them to the forums.

A respect thread to two of my favorite video game characters. Important note on this thread it is similar to my where to classify dante thread which is just a breakdown, this will be full of video clips instead for people to use. I have not played DMC1 in 7-8 years so i was a youngin, my memory is a little hazy, and 2 sucked and due to poor ratings I heard is arguably non-canon don't know if it that is true, but i do remember 3 and 4 quite well as some parts from number 1. So as i backtrack and refresh my memory, i shall edit the thread for more knowledge.

Dante: Super Strength

In the beginning Dante showed some moderate super-strength.

Punching through stone.

Dante punches a statue and a fissure runs up it, and eventually crumbles to dust. This is also a durability/speed feat showing as he could run down side of a building so fast his hand heats with no discomfort. As well as his ability to repel the swarm of blood birds.

As he got older, he showed greater strength feats.

In combination with Gilgamesh, Dante shows good strength and skill with the weapon.

Dante was able to block a punch from the Savior, a giant demonic stone statue and throw it off him.

Dante overpowers echidna


Dante has some insane durability and regeneration powers.

Dante gets stabbed by multiple demons and just nonchalontley walks it off, and even uses the scythes stuck in him as weapons, and as he heals almost instantaneously. This is also a great skill/accuracy feat by Dante as well

Dante can tank punches from massive demons and get planted in the ground.

Dante is pretty much bulletproof. the first video is also a decent reflex feat catching lady.

Dante shows heat resistance too resisting Berial's heat before he even noticed Dante.

Dante in devil trigger can pretty much just fly through stones rather easily. This also shows the power of devil trigger.

Dante has been stabbed 3 times by his swords in the game and he heals moments later.

Combo durability and healing, he tanks multiple punches from a ticked off Nero, and getting impaled through the chest again. He heals and shrugs it off

Part begins at 3:30

I'll post the third video of Dante getting impaled later in a seperate section.


Dante has some great speed feats.

Dante is a bullet dodger/ and can fire at or faster than rapid fire speeds.

I dont know how to explain this feat really, he jumps far and practically toys with Sanctus' demons.

More agility.

A great show of Dante's accuracy lining up bullets perfectly.

Toys with the savior again.

Dante dodges Nero's bullets near point blank

Dante shows great speed and skill with his brother's sword.

Virtually any weapon Dante picks up, he knows how to use. The previous Alastor, and Gilgamesh weapons are good examples of that.


Being Dante's twin but having his time cut short in the series, Vergil should be equal physically to Dante in the DMC3 series etc. Vergil can move fast he can teleports, he can summon magic swords and his the only rival to Dante in terms of Swordsmanship.


Vergil's only true demonstration of strength is his fight with Beowulf. It is a great skill and speed feat as well.


Vergil shows tremendous skill with his prized blade Yamato.

He can cut opponents so fast they are dead before he sheaths his sword

Vergil can spin his sword catch Dante's bullets and put them on the ground and strike them back at Dante

Appears out of nowhere and up on a pillar after saving Dante and cutting Arkham's tentacle

Combined Feats.

Both of these 2 have some insane feats together and i didnt want to post them in either specified character sections.

Fight speed between both of these two is impressive, they can fight and swing their swords so fast in combat it prevents pouring rain from even touching the ground.

A combo feat just showing reflexes( cutting the missle in half twice), skill, and durability(look at all the blood) and Dante's firing speed despite being exhausted

Both show good swordsmanship skills and display the ability to channel their energy into the guns and overpower a demon who possessed Sparda's power. Jackpot


Just a few of Dante's powers, quicksilver and doppleganger.

Quicksilver slows time to a crawl in a specific area and allows dante to appear he has superspeed (aside from trickster whick makes him appear he teleports.but just moves quick in short bursts like Daken almost ). See the stones are still moving

Doppleganger: Creates a clone of Dante that mimics his movements

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What about Nero?@god_spawn:

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@god_spawn: This is a cool thread. Dante is my favorite video game character of all time. Add devil trigger to this if possible.

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I have always loved dmc it's a great storyline and everything I just wish they would get into Nero's lineage and most of all a prequel where you get to play as Sparda

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Dante ftw

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I would like to point out that Nero is in the 1,000,000 ton range, if not, higher. So Dante tanking Nero's hits does show that he has enough blunt force durability to the point where he would not be one-shot by class One billion ton+ opponents.

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As you can see, Nero easily crushes the savior's head and shakes the entire island/peninsula with the shock wave of his attack.

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