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Dannette Boucher was the lover of Kenneth Irons when he still sought Witchblade, in the 50's. She was also present in the excavation where the Witchblade was found. One day Kenneth asked her to help him with the artifact. He carved some runes onto her hand and she tried to wield the Witchblade. It did not take however, Witchblade still rejected her, but left small residue behind, prolonging her life. Now Boucher must release the energy every once in a while, before it destroys her. She selected young women who had no family, the ones she released the energy into, of course killing these women. People nicknamed these murders Microwave Murders, because people insides were cooked. Sara Pezzini eventually found out that she was linked to the murders and confronted her. Pezzini took back the pieces of Witchblade, Boucher had, but the strain killed Boucher. While still alive Dannette was famous model and owner of Boucher modeling agency. She also had a son who's father is unknown, named Bruce Wilder, who swore revenge for her mother's death.

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