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Daniel "Shaky" Kaufman ran, along with his rival "Filthy Frankie" Zapruder, nearly 90 percent of the soaring crime in New York’s 11th Precinct, better known as Mutant Town or District X. Along with various illegitimate operations, Kaufman also owned various legitimate businesses such as the Wildkat Klub and the club Daniel’s Inferno.


Shaky Kaufman was created by David Hine and Adi Granov.

Major Story Arcs

Mr. M

When Filthy Frankie started flooding the drug market with the drug known as Toad Juice, Kaufman forced Frankie's dealer, Jazz, to lead him to the main operation, where a young mutant known as Toad Boy was being used to make the drug.

This action quickly ignited a turf war between Kaufman and Frankie, causing Frankie to attack Daniel's Inferno. Kaufman retaliated with a hostile takeover of Frankie’s own club. In the ensuing battle, Frankie killed Kaufman’s aide, Mr. Punch, with a bazooka. Both Kaufman and Frankie were arrested shortly after this battle.

It is unknown if Frankie retained his powers after M-Day.

Powers and Abilities

Kaufman's body generates high amounts of adrenaline, which while enhancing his physical attributes, also makes him prone to uncontrollable fits of rage. During these fits, Kaufman's bodyguard Mr. Punch regularly acted as his "punching bag" since he had no pain receptors.

Kaufman is also very jittery because of his bursts of adrenaline, which is why he is nicknamed "Shaky."

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