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Danger Girl is on vacation in Hawaii when Johnny Barracuda is kidnapped by some unknown organisation. They must find him and stop the deadly plot at hand before it's too late!

Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage and Johnny Barracuda have stolen a bomb called magnetosphere from a group of criminals and are fleeing on skis. The place - Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy. After successfully evading the angry criminals, Abbey drops the bomb down the ravine accidentally and causes an avalanche wiping out the group following them. They all survive, whereas Johnny suggests they take a vacation--one that's far from snow and ice as possible.

Around the same time, the submarine fleet of Admiral Brewer is greeted in by Don Ka Nui on the latter's private island off the coast of Hawaii. Admiral Brewer explains that he is here to check facilities when he is presented with a special Lei of flowers genetically engineered by Don Ka Nui. In fact, they have a hypnotic affect on the admiral, which causes him to fall under the influence of Don Ka Nui. Meanwhile, on another part of the island, Abbey and Sydney are surviving a brutal self-wrote karaoke song by Johnny. Johnny finishes and a native woman hits of him and takes him outside for some private time. Sydney follows and spies on them, and when Abbey joins her, they find Johnny has been knocked out and is being carried away by one of the woman's thugs. Both women spring into action and attempt to save Johnny. A group of native-dressed warriors appear and fire poisonous darts at the Danger Girls, but they evade them, only to find it was a diversion to kidnap Johnny. Abbey and Sydney rendezvous back at the hotel with Silicon Valerie and explain everything.

Johnny is tied up at the mansion of Don Ka Nui and the women who kidnapped him, where Don Ka Nui is growing the special flowers used in his leis. Nearby, Abbey and the others are using underwater jet-skis to reach Johnny's location. They are attacked by Don's goons and barely escape with their lives.

Back at the Don's mansion, Don Ka Nui is ordering the admiral to fire the nuclear warheads in the submarines at three US coastal cities. It appears that Don Ka Nui's plan is to destroy the homes of the three biggest theme parks in the United States, leaving Ka Nui's own theme park as the only one in the country. Sydney is captured and has a mind control lei placed around her neck. Under the influence of the lei, Sydney attacks Abbey. Valerie panics and contacts Deuce, who is on holiday at one of the theme parks (in Florida). Deuce agrees to call the President to get the launch codes to stop the nuclear missiles from reaching their targets. Sydney and Abbey battle until Abbey breaks the lei around Sydney's neck, and as Valerie is taken away she drops her device with the launch codes installed. Abbey manages to press a big red button just in time to change the course of the missiles, with one just missing both Deuce and his date.

The Danger Girl team escapes intact, and as they drive the speedboat away from Don Ka Hui's private island, three nuclear missiles fly overhead in the island's direction, with an explosion following in their wake.

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