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DANGER GIRL creator Andy Hartnell reunites with the art team of Nick Bradshaw & Jim Charalampidis (DANGER GIRL: BACK IN BLACK, ROKKIN) for an explosive new 4-issue miniseries! When mysterious forces have some of the world's greatest treasures in their greedy sights, you can count on the Danger Girls to block their fire. But what happens when a legendary assassin takes aim at the Danger Girls themselves?                        

In Yokohama, Japan, Abbey Chase is on a mission to recover a piece of weapons technology from an old friend, Mr. Naoki. As she's about to meet with him, she recieves word that a change of plans has been made and she is also to bring him along. When she lets him know that he is to go with her, his bodyguards enter the room to deal with her threats. Grabbing Naoki, Abbey jumps out the window as the guards open fire. Using a parachute, they safely land on a waiting speed boat driven by Sydney. They ask him for the technology. He says he will be killed when "they" find out it's been taken. Then a sniper shoots and kills Naoki. The bullet hit him in the chest where he had the tech in his jacket pocket.

In Melborne, Australia, the girls are supposed to have a day off when Sydney Savage calls Abbey asking her to go to her location. Fearing the worst, Abbey breaks down the door at a house Sydney is thinking of buying. Abbey fears that Sydney is thinking of quitting Danger Girl because of the sniper. Sydney says she just wants a place to call home when they are not on a mission. As she's about to take the house, both their beepers go off.

On the Danger Yacht, Deuce has called them in as Silicon Valerie is working on the weapon tech that had been shot. Valerie is able to digitize a replica so that she can grab some of the code that is on the disk. It turns out that the tech has the blueprints to build the Master Key. The Master Key is apparently a weapong that "every bad guy in the world has always wanted."

In the Arctic Circle, a nuclear sub has been accessed by an outside source. The missles have been commanded to self-detonate. The crew abandons ship as the sub is blown up.

Now that event has happened, every nation in the world will want the Master Key. Danger Girl is given a new mission to find and destroy it.

In Madagascar, the man responsible for detonating the nuclear sub tells his computer guy to program the Master Key to destroy their next target. He is hesitant because he fears the signal will be traced to them. The man says that no one will be able to trace them to this location just as they are found by a British agent. He asks for the key as he is shot by a sniper. The same sniper that killed Naoki. The man tells her that more will most likely arrive. He gives her a picture of Abbey warning her to be careful as she is supposedly the best there is. The sniper says she looks forward to meeting her.

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