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Rising as quickly as the sea turtle possibly can, Abbey Chase and Secret Agent Zero are desperate to come to the aid of their captured colleagues. It seems they are too late as their sucken ship and its captain Tunaka capsize and sink right before their eyes. Upon surfacing, with no sight of Natalia Kassle and Hammer, they search for their fellow agents Silicon Valerie and Eddy Owen and find both on a dingy unscathed. To everyone but Agent Zero's surprise, Duncan arrives commadering an RAF helicopter to rescue them all.
Now in Monaco, Abbey explains to Duncan of the mystical armor of a helmet, shield and sword which will bring its wearer untold powers. Just then, a badly hurt but recovering Deuce makes an appearance and tells the team of his plan to trap Natalia Kassle using the shield as bait. He knew her double agent status all along. Unfortunately Natalia got what she came for and the Danger Yacht was destroyed. With Sydney Savage and Johnny Barracuda's whereabouts unknown and the location of Hammer's secret base still a mystery, the Danger Girl team are at a loss. Enter Silicon, the techno-wizz, who has tracked the transmissions Abbey's ring (a present from Natalia which doubled as a locator) was transmitting back to its source - Hammer Island.
On Hammer Island, Sydney and Johnny have been led before a congregation of 1000s of Hammer agents being addressed by Major Maxim and their dicrepid leader, a fallen Nazi general who was tasked with finding these artifcats during the second world war. This general explains how once a group of Angels descended to earth and mated with mortal women to make true Aryan beings he refers to as "Ubermensch". These ubermensch ruled proud in their time and the greatest of their warriors was awarded the mystic set of armor. The city (supposedly Atlantis) was destroyed and with it all trace of their race and the armor. Natalia Kassle presents the sword to the leader and Sydney and Johnny are taken back to their cells.
Meanwhile, Abbey and Zero have made their entrance through the bowels of the island. After splitting up, Abbey heads for Sydney and Johnny while Zero finds where to rig a bomb to blow up the island. As he gets to work, a former Hammer colleague of his, Assassin X, who both shared the same sensei finds and challenges him to fight.
Sydney and Johnny plan their escape.

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